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Out of interest we recently downloaded all the orders placed over the last 12 months to show what's hot on our site. This list below shows the top 20 selling Cannabis Seed Breeders at Just Feminized based on the last 12 months sales. This list of Top Selling Marijuana Seed banks is in order of popularity with Barneys Farm being the clear winners. 
1st Place = Barneys Farm (click here to view)
Barneys Farm are the top selling cannabis seed breeder on our site with selling 131 packets every month.

2nd Place = Greenhouse Seeds (click here to view)
Greenhouse Seeds 2nd place in our top selling marijuana seed breeder list selling 82 packets every month.

3rd Place = Dutch Passion Seeds (click here to view)
Dutch Passion land 3rd place in our most popular selling cannabis Breeder list selling 43 packets every month.

4th Place = Big Buddha Seeds (click here to view)
Big Buddha Seeds are in 3rd place in our Top 20 most popular Marijuana Seed Banks selling 37 packets every month.

5th Place = OO Seeds (click here to view)
OO or 00 Seeds land 5th place in our most popular selling Ganja Breeders list selling 34 packets every month.

6th Place = Auto Seeds (click here to view)
Auto Seeds takes 6th place in our most popular selling weed Breeders list selling 31 packets every month.

7th Place = Female Seeds (click here to view)
Female Seeds get 7th place in our Top 10 selling cannabis Breeders list selling 30 packets every month.

8th Place = Nirvana Seeds (click here to view)
Nirvana Seeds goes into 8th place in our Top 10 selling Marijuana Breeders list selling 27 packets every month.

9th Place = Advanced Seeds (click here to view)
Advanced Seeds take 9th place in our Top 10 selling Ganja Breeders list selling 26 packets every month.

10th Place = Sweet Seeds (click here to view)
Sweet Seeds gets 10th place just making it  into our Top 10 selling Skunk Breeders list selling 21 packets every month.

11th Place = Royal Queen Seeds (click here to view)
Roayl Queen Seeds get 11th place in our Top 20 selling cannabis Seed Banks list selling 19 packets every month.

12th Place = Serious Seeds (click here to view)
Serious Seeds get 12th place in our Top 20 selling marijuana Seed Banks list selling 18 packets every month.

13th Place = Dinafem Seeds (click here to view)
Dinafem Seeds get 13th place in our Top 20 selling Ganja Seed Banks list selling 15 packets every month.

14th Place = Humboldt Seed Company (click to view)
Humboldt Seed Organisation get 14th place in our Top 20 selling Skunk Seed Banks list selling 14 packets every month.

15th Place = Black Skull Seeds (click here to view)
Black Skull Seeds get 16th place in our Top 20 selling Weed Seed Banks list selling 13 packets every month.

16th Place = Delicious Seeds (click here to view)
Delicious Seeds get 16th place in our Best 20 Cannabis Breeding Companies with 12 packets sold every month.

17th Place = Bomb Seeds (click here to view)
Bomb Seeds get 17th place in our Best 20 marijuana Breeding Companies with 11 packets sold every month.

18th Place = Joint Doctor (click here to view)
Joint Doctor Seeds get 18th place in our Best 20 Ganja Breeding Companies with 11 packets sold every month.

19th Place = Bulldog Seeds (click here to view)
Bulldog Seeds get 19th place in Best 20 Skunk Breeding Companies with 10 packets sold every month.

20th Place = Zambeza Seeds (click here to view)
Zambeza Seeds get 20th place to complete our Top 20 Weed Breeding Companies List with 9 packets sold every month.