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The 7 Dwarfs Seedbank

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The 7 Dwarfs are a subsidery of Seedsman UK who owns many seedbanks including GrassOmatic, Lowlife and Joint Doctor to name a few.

7 Dwarfts are yet another Automatic Cannabis Strain provider with 7 Autos in their range. They come in a very standard package and offer something which is a good standard.

Out of the 80+ Seed Banks we stock at Just Feminized and based on the last years sales The 7 Dwarfs Seeds Company ranks 62/80 in popularity. In our opinion The 7 Seven Dwarfs are a good choice of Cannabis Breeders with a good reputation. They provide quality Marijuana genetics with good variety and prices are slightly cheaper than others.  Because The 7 Seven Dwarfs are not the best sellers we have we rate them 6/10. The reason The 7 Seven Dwarfs get a slightly lower score is because the seed packaging is not great and the variety is quite basic.???????

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