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Taylord Genetics sell a range of imaginatively named feminised cannabis seeds. Little information is made public about Taylord Genetics and they are quite new on the cannabis breeder scene so try something new and you might just be surprised at the high quality cannabis seeds available from Taylord Genetics. They are responsible for such popular cannabis seeds as Autoslave, Steve McGaretts Hair and The NHS.???????

Taylor'd Genetics are available now at just Feminized and they are said to be a real connoisseurs treat. The Cannabis Breeder is a good one set up over in the USA where the legality of Marijuana is moving in leaps and bounds. 

We don't know a lot about this cannabis breeder other than they are a reliable company with a strain list just short of 10 marijuana strains for sale. They comme in a folded card packet with all the strain details printed on the label and the seeds stored in a plastic vial.???????

Taylord Genetics have never been a massive seller at Just Feminized Seeds Bank but that is not to say they are no good. For some reason we just dont attract a high volume of sales. They provide quality Marijuana genetics with lots of variety and prices are slightly cheaper than others at just ove £5 per seed.  Because Taylord Genetics don't sell very fast on our website we can't really rate them higher than 6/10.???????
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