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Discount Special Offers to Look out for

At Just Feminized Cannabis Seeds Bank we have some really good special offers available. Ones to look out for that are especially popular would be our weekly Midweek Madness on a Tuesday & Wednesday. Also look at our Marijuana Strain of the week with a different strain discounted to £2.75 every week. Another very good discount we offer is on Ganja Breeders Strains that we put into our Clearance section. These packets of Skunk Seeds are branded weed breeders seeds that have been in our fridge longer than 18 months and are discounted up to 60% OFF RRP.

Are Special offer seeds good quality?

We buy all our seeds from original breeders and they all come in original collectible souvenir packaging. When we buy new stock the first thing we do is label every pack of seeds with a date. This is so we know the exact age of every pack of seeds. We then place the seeds in a commercial fridge at optimal conditions for seed storage. If we notice any product in our fridge over 1 year old we normally offer a 30% discount on that product. If the pack is older than 18 months we discount them by 50% or more. This ensures we only stock fresh seeds and also offers a nice customer discount for perfectly viable seeds. Really seeds could be kept for 5 years easily if kept in the right conditions but we try to keep all stock as fresh as possible. All our discount seeds are still the exact same high quality we just like to keep our customers happy and also keep our stock up to date.

Just Feminized Product Guarantee

At Just Feminized we can guarantee that your pack of Cannabis Seeds is less than 2 years old. We know this because we date every single pack of seeds that arrive into our office. We can also Guarantee that your seeds have been stored in the most professional conditions possible in our fridge. We can also guarantee that every pack of Breeder Branded Cannabis Seeds will come in the original Breeders packaging. The only thing we can't guarantee is the germination or growing of the plants as marijuana seeds are sold as souvenirs in the UK. If you have issues with specific products we would recommend approaching the breeder directly as individual breeders may assist your needs.

Wholesale Bulk Ganja Seeds High Quality?

We have included changed our Cannabis Seed pricing structure so that you can now buy any of our Mix and Match Strains and get a multi buy discount. If you buy more than 100 ganja seeds in any combination Mix and Match they are just £2.50 each. If you want to buy in larger volume please contact us directly and we may be able to offer you a special deal. All our Marijuana seeds have been produced in Europe by professional and award winning breeders. We keep them in a commercial fridge to preserve quality and date every batch to know how old they are.

Double FREE Seeds September Offer

Spend Over £25 Get 1+1 Free Feminized Seed
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Spend Over £100 Get 4+4 Free Feminized Seeds
Spend Over £125 Get 5+5 Free Feminized Seeds
Spend Over £150 Get 6+6 Free Feminized Seeds

Simply add over £25 (subtotal) to your shopping cart and the discount will automatically apply.


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Competition Win Prizes
Check out our competition page where you can potentially win some good prizes. Big Cannabis Seeds Give Away With Big Prizes of Marijuana to be won.
Discontinued 50% OFF
These Strains are discontinued by breeders or we simply cant get them anymore so we are offering them with no profit to clear our fridge.
Free Seed Friday Frenzy
Every Friday from 10-12am we will give away a FREE Feminized Seed (Just Pay Postage). Simply Add to shopping cart using the link provided and the discount will automatically apply (for 2 hours only)
Limited Time Discounts
In this section we will have cannabis strains that have a limited time 20% Discount. Simply Add them to your shopping cart for the Discount to apply.
Midweek Madness
Every week we are offering a different strain discounted by 33% so click add to cart between Midnight Tuesday and Midnight Wednesday to find out which strain is discounted this week...
Stock Clearance Sale
These strains have been in our fridge for too long so we are selling them off before they go bad. It's better to sell them now while they still have life in them.
Strain of the Week
Every week we have one Automatic Strain and one Standard Feminized Strain from our range discounted to just £2.75 each seed.

20% OFF Greenhouse Cannabis Strains - for a limited time only - Simply add to cart and the discount will apply  2 Free Marijuana Seeds when you buy any 5 pack of Sweet Seeds - only while promo packs last

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Cannabis Seeds are sold as Souvenirs and germination is illegal in most countries!

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