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Why Buy Seeds from Just Feminized?

Our feminized cannabis seeds all come from world renowned marijuana seed banks. They are produced in the most precise plant growing conditions possible by the most experienced Ganja breeders. We store all our Skunk seeds at optimal conditions to preserve germination viability, quality and we can assure you that we are in this business for the duration. Our aim is to provide a service second to none, from the product and customer service right down to the super fast, stealth delivery service. We want to make your Cannabis shopping experience perfect in every way so you will never need to buy cannabis seeds from anywhere else, ever again!

Fresh Products, from original breeders?

We buy all our seeds from original breeders and they all come in original collectible souvenir packaging. When we buy new stock the first thing we do is label every pack of seeds with a date. This is so we know the exact age of every pack of seeds. We then place the seeds in a commercial fridge at optimal conditions for seed storage. If we notice any product in our fridge over 1 year old we normally offer a 30% discount on that product. If we find products over 2 years old we discount them by 50%. This ensures we only stock fresh seeds and also offers a nice customer discount for perfectly viable seeds. Really seeds could be kept for 5 years easily if kept in the right conditions but we try to keep all stock as fresh as possible.

Guaranteed same day order dispatch?

We work Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays. If you order cannabis seeds during our working hours before 3pm and payment is accepted we guarantee your marijuana seeds order will be sent out the same day. We offer many different delivery methods and if you want next day delivery we offer a guaranteed next day service that will reach you by 1pm if you are located in the UK. The only exemption to this is when your item is out of stock. In this instance we will email you to let you know your item is out of stock and then attempt to order your item directly from our suppliers. Normally we can source your seeds within a 24-48 hour period. If for some reason your product is not available to order we will offer you a suitable alternative or a full refund if you desire. We offer worldwide Ganja Seeds delivery also but please check your countries laws as customs seizures will not be covered by our insurance.

Stealth or discrete delivery options?

We offer discrete delivery methods such as sending your seeds in a DVD Case, Pen, Stash Keying, T-Shirt or a Stash Torch. During the checkout process on our site you can easily select a stealth delivery options. We can remove seeds from the original breeders packaging if you require and we can even remove your invoice from the package. We never include any information on the outside of the package that would give clues as to what is inside and we mostly send out orders in a white bubble envelope. Please note that if you choose to have your seeds in a pen, stash keying or DVD Case we would normally remove seeds from the original package so they fit and are more discrete.

00 Seeds
OO Seeds are a budget priced quality Cannabis Seed producer based in Murcia Spain. They have a reliable inventory of marijuana seeds which can be found in many of the world head shops.
710 Genetics
710 Genetics are based in the UK so get the best of British Cannabis Strains from this reputable marijuana seeds supplier.
Accelerator Seeds
Accelerator Marijuana Seeds Company are developers of Cannabis Cup winning Ganja Strains. We now stock the full range at Just Feminized Seed Bank.
Ace Seeds
ACE Seeds seed to focus their attention on the original landrace genetics to preserve the strains that are being lost and to create diversity in what is currently available
Advanced Seeds
Advanced Seeds produces all its seeds under organic farming methods. Natural fertilizers and insecticides have been used only.
All Automatic Seeds
This is a section that contains all the auto-flowering cannabis seeds available on our website. If auto's are what you are looking for here is where you need to go.
All Feminized Seeds
Here you can view all the feminized seeds we have on offer at All the Seed Banks, major Breeders and of course all our own marijuana strains to.
All Regular Seeds
We dont hold much stock of Regular seed because there is not much call for them, however anything you want can be delivered to you within 2-5 days.
All Single Pick n Mix Seeds
Buy Cannabis Strains in Single Seeds at Low Prices Pick & Mix which ones you want.
Allstar Genetics
With experience going back to the 90's in Amsterdam All Star Genetics are a small but passionate seedbank. They produce small batches of cannabis seeds as to guarantee high germination rates
Amsterdam Genetics
Amsterdam Genetics are breeders of high quality Marijuana Strains since 1985. They have coffee shops in Amsterdam and are very passionate about everything cannabis related.
Auto Seeds
Auto Seeds are based in Spain and work with a collective of professional breeders to develope their strains. Most of their breeding is done in Europe and North America
Barney's Farm Seeds
Barney's are world leaders and one of our favourite's. They offer cannabis strains that are well known, stable and much loved by its many customers.
BC Bud Depot
BC Bud Depot Seedbank Breeders are big business in the canadian cannabis community and we stock the full range of marijuana seeds at
Big Buddha Seeds
Big Buddha seeds are the original creators or Cheese. They are known for their quality and they are in the top ten rankings of UK Brands that beat Dutch Seed Producers
Big Head Seeds
The Big Head Seeds mission began in 1990 on a venture to discover new ceremonial cannabis plants. In 2002 breeding started with Canadian and Dutch minds bringing together the Big Head Genetics
Black Skull Seeds
Black Skull Cannabis Seeds Bank are a quality brand with some great and unique genetics on offer. We stock the full range and the prices are cheap with us discounting them by around 10%
Blim Burn BCN Range
This Barcelona Spain Cannabis Breeder offers the Blim Burn BCN Range which is a slight cut above its standard marijuana strains.
Blim Burn Seeds
Blim Burn are a cannabis breeder based in Spain that offer a stable variety of unique marijuana strains. Every strain is produced soley for use in Blim Burn breeding and they never repackage branded seeds.
Bomb Seeds
Bomb Seeds are organically grown in the Netherlands under strict conditions with an ethos based on strength, power, quality and yield as the four main targets for improvement
Breaking Buds
Breaking Buds is a new seedbank to Just Feminized 2017 with a very nice range based on the popular TV Series Breaking Bad.
British Columbia Seeds
The British Columbia marijuana seed bank is one of the better Canadian cannabis breeders that we stock at just feminized with their ultimate goal in trying to produce serious heavy hitters.
Brothers Grim
Brothers Grim are a Colorado, USA Cannabis Seeds Breeder and creators of Cinderella 99. Founded in 1996, they offer rare genetics from modern hybrids to pure Landraces.
Buddha Seeds
Buddha Seeds offer a small selection of auto-flowering cannabis seeds. White Dwarf, Red Dwarf, Deimos & Quasar are available in regular and feminized.
Bulk Cannabis Seeds
Buy Bulk Feminized Feminised Female Cannabis Seeds from the UK's Number one supplier of quality marijuana strains.
Bulldog Seeds
Bulldog seeds are in stock now! The bulldog company were one of the first Dutch coffee shops to open in Amsterdam and now they produce seeds.
Cali Connection
Multi Award Winning Cali Connection Cannabis Seeds Company. Based in California, USA their mission is to offer all the original Cali Marijuana Strains to the world in Seed form.
Canadian Bred Seeds
Canadian Bred are a breeder that have some unique cannabis strains to offer. They produce very high standard marijuana strains with high popularity in Canada.
Cannabiogen seeds
Cannabiogen seeds supply stains such as Caribe, Sugarloaf, Destroyer and Lehaze. Quality cannabis seeds guaranteed.
CBD Botanic
CBD Botanic are Research and Science based Marijuana Strain Breeders based in Spain. Their Focus is on Cannabis varieties rich in CBD and perfect for Medicinal use.
CBD Crew
CBD Crew is a joint venture between Mr Nice and Resin Seeds into the developement of medicinal cannabis strains with high Cannabidiol CBD content and thus highly effective in medical use.
CBD Seeds
CBD Seeds is a Spanish Seed Bank not connected in any way with CBD CREW they develope existing strains and focus on Feminized cannabis seeds
Ceres Seeds
Ceres Cannabis Seeds Company are an Original Amsterdam Marijuana Strain Breeder with experience going back to 1988. They have 2 Coffee Shops in the Heart of Amsterdam.
Cream of the Crop
Cream of the crop have a range with cannabis strains suitable for all desires. They are a premium marijuana seeds producer but offer high quality.
Critical Mass Collective
Critical Mass Collective Hybrid Cannabis Strains. The focus is on monster Yields in short productive flowering times. The Marijuana Strains are potent, commercially viable and large yielding.
Dank Genetics
Dank Genetics are cannabis lovers with a global intention to create nothing but the greatest Dank marijuana genetics. If you want strictly Dank Sticky, Fat, Potent, Impressive and Hot new Ganja Strains check out whats coming in 2017 with the new Dank Genetics Strains.
Dankomatics are a Laboratory based Marijuana Breeder with over 20 years experience. They offer serious Cannabis Strains with something to offer for everyone.
De Sjamaan Seeds
De Sjamaan are a reputable Amsterdam Based Headshop with 2 outlets selling everything you could think of relating to cannabis. The seed company has been in opporation since 1994.
Delicious Seeds
Delicious Cannabis Seeds have crossed and crossed again to produce some very interesting strains. They only offer feminized strains and they have them in stock now.
Delta 9 Labs Seeds
Delta-9 Labs has been working for over a decade to create the most desirable Medical Marijuana Seeds on the planet. From their professional lab in Amsterdam.
Devils Harvest Seeds
Devils Harvest are an Amsterdam based Cannabis Breeder with many harvest awards and Cannabis Cups after their name. They produce very fine quality marijuana Strains you can trust.
Dinafem Seeds
Dinafem come in a very collectable metal tin with attention to detail applied. They offer single, 3, 5 & 10 packs of 100% feminized marijuana seeds
Dispensario Seeds
Dispensario are another Marijuana Seed Breeder dedicated to the research and developement of medicinally advanced cannabis strains. They offer a good variety of strains created since 2010 with test results for CBD, CBN and THC.
DNA Genetics
DNA Genetics are a quality seedbank with much well deserved success. Kush berry, LA Confidential and 60 Day Wonder are but a few of their success stories.
Dr Krippling Seeds
Team Krippling is constantly fine tuning and seeking super strong genetics to present high quality cannabis strains. After research they hope to produce some world award winning strains.
Dr Underground
Dr Undergroun started in 2008 and has stores stocking their seeds in Amsterdam, Spain, Italy, Polland, UK and South America
Dutch Passion
Dutch Passion one of the original Amsterdam seedbanks that started in 1987. There are not many more with nearly 25 years experience.
Elemental are a Modern Marijuana Connoisseur Breeder based in California USA. Their prize multi award winning Cannabis strain True OG has won 5 Gold Medals.
Elite Seeds
Elite are a Marijuana Breeder Based in Valencia, Spain. Elite have been Awarded for Cannabis Strains and certainly have something great to offer.
Emerald Triangle
The Emerald Triangle in northern California is a really magical place with special people in a unique environment. with over 2 decades of experience the emerald triangle seeds are second to none.
Eva Seeds
Eva Seeds are a Spanish Cannabis Breeder with Focus on Feminized Female marijuana Strains
Exotic Seeds
Exotic combines qualities of Dutch and Spanish genetics creating unique and innovative cannabis strains. Based in Amsterdam they have over 20 years marijuana breeding experience.
Expert Seeds Company
Expert Seeds Company are New to Just Feminized and ready to order. They are proud to present their range of 18 High Quality Feminized Cannabis Strains to the UK and International Market.
fast Buds Strains
Fast Buds are a team of marijuana professionals in Los Angeles California. Fast Buds has one primary goal, to present people with the most fashionable, trendy and superior cannabis genetics.
Female Seeds
Female seeds Amsterdam are a quality Dutch seedbank that have lower than normal prices for the high quality seeds.
Feminised Seeds Co
The Feminised Seeds Company is a new cannabis breeder based in Spain. They are relatively small but they produce quality rather than quantity.
Flash Seeds
Flash Auto-flowering cannabis seeds are becoming very popular. They are affordable, reliable and reasonably priced so why not add them to your collection now!
Flying Dutchmen
Flying Dutchmen are part of the Sensi Seeds Company in Amsterdam and there success speaks for itself. If you know about seeds then you know about Sensi Seeds.
Freedom of Seeds
Freedom of Seeds are a cannabis breeder based in Spain with reliable and unique marijuana strains available to to buy on our website in the UK & Worldwide.
French Touch
French Touch (Wax Sealed Souvenir Pack) Cannabis Seeds Company are Collective of French Breeders founded in 2010 that focuse on preserving ancient Marijuana Strains.
G13 Labs
The history of G13 Labs stretches back to the 1980's in the north of the UK. With a low price structure and years of experience what more do you need to know?
Garden of Green Seeds
Garden of Seeds are a new Cannabis Breeder with their strains being created in Europe. They offer mostly medicinally minded marijuana strains and have a good range of feminized ganja strains to offer
Genehtik Seeds
Since the late 90´s Genehtik has been keeping very special varieties, true champion in many cases. Then to test different crosses with them and other seeds to create their own brand.
Genofarm Seeds
Genofarm cannabis seed company was founded in 2002 but their experience goes way beyond their founding date. They test every batch of marijuana strains before release so they can be trusted.
Grand Daddy Purp Seeds
The original Gran Daddy Purps Cannabis Strains are high priced but there is no comparing to the quality they provide. The original creators of award winning marijuana strains at a premium level.
Grass O Matic
If you want auto flowering strains then Grass O Matic are a good solution. With a good range and English Roots they have a well established bank.
Green Label Seeds
Green Label are based in Amsterdam. They believe marijuana plants should be treated as gifts from nature. Their philosophy is due to its many medicinal and recreational benefits ganja should be treated by way of dedication.
Greenhouse Seeds
Greenhouse are one of the first Amsterdam seed banks. They are a multi-million pound enterprise with high regards all over the world.
Greenhouse Strain Hunters
Strain Hunters are the latest release from the Greenhouse Seeds Company Amsterdam. The ethos is focust on vulnerable Landrace and research into rare medically untested cannabis strains
Grow Your Own (DNA Genetics)
Grow your own seeds is a collaboration brand of Cannabis Strains brought to you buy the multi award winning DNA Genetics. Strength, Stability, Quality and Reliability is DNA.
Heavyweight Seeds
Heavyweight Seeds set up in Spain 2008 with a concept on developing mouth watering Cannabis Strains of top quality. They entered the commercial marijuana market around 2010.
Hero Seeds
Hero Cannabis Seeds are marketed worldwide and have their own Marijuana comic book. Founded in 2002 they stretch from Europe, Russia, South America, Africa to the USA.
Holy Smokes
Holy Smokes Seeds originate from South Africa and now combine these Marijuana Genetics with European Cannabis Strains. *Popular Underground Ganja Varieties*
Homegrown Fantaseeds
Dutch based homegrown fantaseeds are well known for there strains. Armageddon, train wreck and first lady are to name but a few of there memorable strains.
Horti Lab Seeds
HortiLab cannabis seeds have only been on the market since 2009 but have a range of awards including 3 High Times Cannabis Cups and the IC Mag 420 Cup Breeder Indica award for StarBud.
House of the Great Gardener
House of the Great Gardener have won over 50 Marijuana Harvest Awards worldwide in Australia, Canada, Spain, Amsterdam & USA, they are Serious Cannabis Breeders.
Humboldt Seed Organisation
Californian Humboldt seeds began its journey in the 60's and today is on a mission to share californias finest cannabis strains with the world
John Sinclair
John Sinclair Was a Massive Cannabis Activist in the 1960's. This Collaboration with Ceres Seeds is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of his release from prison.
Joint Doctor Seeds
Joint Doctor were the original producers of lowryder #2 which was the first commercially available auto-flowering cannabis seeds and we always have plenty in stock.
Jordan of the Island
Jorge of the Island seeds is based on the Vancouver Island where it breeds naturally organic. Established in 1992 their goal was to produce marijuana for connoisseurs and medical patients alike.
Just Feminized Auto Strains has a wicked range of feminized cannabis seeds available online and our female marijuana strains compare with top breeders. Always high quality and stored optimally to preserve viability!
Kalashnikov Seeds
Kalashnikov Seeds is a group of Cannabis seed breeders and Cannabis lovers with a military background, breeding cannabis seeds in Russia since 2002.
Kaliman Seeds
in 1989 Rockstar founder of Kaliman Cannabis Seeds started cultivating his own marijuana varieties breeding with original underground Cheese clones.
Kannabia Seeds
Kannabia are a reletively new seedbank out of Spain that are growing in success. They have recently added some really good auto-flowering strains to their inventry.
Karma Genetics
Karma Marijuana Genetics was originally founded in 2008. With Experience Karma has won over 17 Cannabis Harvest Awards with more to come.
KC Brains
KC Brains has been travelling around the world since 1979, making friends and exchanging Cannabis seeds. They are a very much hippie group with knowledge and combined experience dating back to the 60s before the commercial cannabis that we know today existed.
Kera Seeds
Kerra Seeds has near 15 years experience in the Amsterdam Coffee Shop marijuana scene with time spent working on Soft Secrets and high times magazine. It has an extensive rance made directly from los angeles an californian genetics.
Kiwi Seeds
Kiwi Seeds have found a place in the cannabis seed community with strains such as Mako Haze and Milky Way.
Kush Brothers
The Kush Brothers Seeds. From the city of Barcelona JM Kush & AM Kush decide to present to the world all the work done during several years of searching, raising, crosses and selections.
Kush Cannabis Seeds
Kush seeds are a Cannabis breeder dedicated strictly to breeding with Kush marijuana strains. Every strain in this collection is a hybrid crossed with Kush.
Lineage Genetics
Lineage Marijuana Genetics Company was founded in Spain 2012. They Currently have many harvest award victory's and are fast growing cannabis breeders.
Little Chief Collabs
Little Chief Collabs is a new cannabis breeder with one super strain at present but they hopefully have more to come soon.
Lowlife Seeds
Lowlife are strictly Automatic cannabis seed suppliers. They have the perfect range of top performers in both feminized and regular packs.
Mandala Seeds
Mandala Seeds is a professionally run marijuana breeder with extensive experience and expertise. They were founded in 2004 and one of the owners is a certified biologist.
Medical Marijuana Genetics
Medical Marijuana Genetics is a European Based Medicinal Marijuana Strain Breeder which was born in 2014 whilst developing strains for Cancer Fighting.
Medical Seeds
Quality medical marijuana seeds available in single packed souvenir displays. Quality seeds and a good souvenir to collect.
Medicann Seeds
Medicann have been actively breeding marijuana for over 10 years. High grade medicinal strains are the core of their organisation, and they are always striving for perfection.
Mephisto Auto Seeds
Mephisto genetics is a brand new venture, and adventure., We have been working with Autoflowering cannabis plants for over a decade now, and have been experimenting, breeding, cultivating and amassing a comprehensive knowledge of them within that time.
Ministry of Cannabis
Ministry of cannabis strive to provide a high level of excellence that only experienced breeders can offer. This Dutch based seed bank is a must for serious collectors!
Mosca Seeds
Mosca Cannabis Seeds Company are a Denver USA Based Marijuana Breeder. They have over 10 years experience and offer a great range of Ganja Strains.

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