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Pyramid seeds are a Barcelona, Spain based marijuana breeder who have adopted the ancient Egyptian theme to its brand. They have created a range using all the old gods and princesses of Egypt in their strain name titles and branding. They have been trading online since 2007 which means they have at least 10 years trading experience just over the Internet.

Pyramid Seeds have a good range of cannabis seeds available and the souvenir pack they have gone with is the traditional paper envelope but with a plastic vial inside holding the seeds. This makes all the difference as you know the seeds will not get crushed during transportation. 

Out of the 80+ Seed Banks we stock at Just Feminized and based on the last years sales Pyramid Seeds Company ranks 25/80 in popularity. In our opinion Pyramid are a good choice of Cannabis Breeders with a good reputation. They provide quality Marijuana genetics with a massive range of over 40 cannabis varieties and prices are average depending on the strain at £5-8 per seed.  Because Pyramid sell well on our website and we dont get any complaints we rate them 8/10. The reason Pyramid get a slightly lower score is because the seed packaging could be a little better and a few strains are a little pricey. Other than that our customers are buying them and not complaining so they seem to be a very good choice of marijuana breeders.???????

Pyramid Seeds are a world-renowned cannabis seed bank for more than a decade. They are professionals in the industry and we offer a high quality of genetics with unique, own and outstanding varieties in the market, and they are specialised in the commercialisation of cannabis seeds.

Pyramid Seeds work and offer two types of seeds: Feminized and Auto flowering.
Feminized cannabis seeds are developed with the absence of male chromosomes to ensure that when grown they will flower as a female and produce resinous, seedless buds.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are genetically crossed with Ruderalis giving them ideal characteristics to facilitate the cultivation, do not demand strict cycles of light, resistant to infections, mould, pests and extreme cold. Ideal for open ground or places at home without needing a spotlight, such as balconies or near a window.

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