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Purple Ganja Plants How do they grow?

Purple Haze was originally born in South East Asia and is a Sativa Dominant Cannabis Variety. We think Purple Haze has been misrepresented because the weed associated with it had always come from outdoor organic farming and then imported to the West. This of course made the weed less strong but using todays indoor farming methods you can grow some very powerful purple cannabis plants. This 70% dominant Sativa will grow quite tall but it will finish reasonably fast between 8-10 weeks of flowering. To make the leaves turn more purple towards the end of flowering lower your temperatures for the final week and see the transformation happen.

What is a PURPLE HAZE Hybrid?

A PURPLE HAZE Hybrid is basically a cannabis strain that contains PURPLE HAZE in its genetics. To make it into our list of PURPLE HAZE marijuana seeds list the product must contain at least 25% PURPLE HAZE in its genetic makeup. PURPLE HAZE has been prized for its many unique benefits that people love and it is very popular on our site. If you like PURPLE HAZE but want a little big of a change it might be interesting to choose one of the hybrids that contain the original PURPLE HAZE with something that improves or balances it in a way to add more strength or improve yield or make it a little more easier to grow.

More Information About Purple Haze

PURPLE HAZE is a Cannabis Sativa dominant variety. Typically Sativa’s have higher ratios of THC than Indica Strains and usually lower percentages of CBD. They are typically taller growing with narrower leaves and much lighter green in colour. Sativa Cannabis Strains originate from Countries such as Columbia, Thailand, Mexico and South East Asia. Cannabis Sativa effects you in a powerful and cerebral way and is known more for its head buzz rather than the Indica body stone. Effects can be energetic and trippy and most high strength Sativa strains are less suited to novice beginner smokers.

Medicinal Benefits of Purple Haze

High THC Sativa strains such as PURPLE HAZE medicinally are suited to those looking for spiritual wisdom and creativity. PURPLE HAZE is very high strength so if inspiration is what you’re looking for this will certainly get your mind working in a different way. Sativa strains are very uplifting and known for energetic highs. High THC Sativa Strains such as PURPLE HAZE are very strong which can be effective in treating depression but if you suffer from anxiety this is probably not the best strain to choose.

710 Genetics Purps Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Genetics: Hindu Kush x Purple Afghani
  • Type: Indica Dominant
  • Flowering: 8-9 weeks, October
  • Height: Up to 1.5m Indoor / up to 2.0m Outdoor
Ace Seeds Purple Haze x Malawi Killer Fem 5 Seeds
  • Highly Suited to wet climates
  • Resistant to mildew & Botrytis
  • Medium height
  • High Yielding and Easy to grow
Ace Seeds Violeta Female 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Purple Malawi Pakistan Chitral Kush
  • 50% Indica 50% Sativa
  • Medium height
  • High Yielding and Easy to grow
Auto Purple Haze Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • Purple Haze x Lowryder
  • 12 Weeks from seed
  • Medium height
  • Great outdoor strain
Auto Purple Kush Just Female Mix & Match Seeds
  • Ruderalis x Purple Kush
  • Fast Flowering Strain
  • Medium in height
  • Finished Time: 8-10 Weeks
Auto Purple Monster Fem Mix & Match Seeds
  • Yield: 400-600g Per M2 (1000w per Meter)
  • Genetics: Ruderalis Monster Mass x Purple Kush
  • Seed to Harvested Bud 70-80 Days
  • THC: 14-18% Approximately
Auto Seeds Purple Stilton Cheese Fem 5 Weed Seeds
  • Purple #1 x Blue Cheese x Auto #1
  • 60-80 Days From Seed
  • 60cm-80cm
  • Good Yield and Good THC Levels
Barneys Farm Bad Azz Kush Female 10 Weed Seeds
  • Original OG x Urkel x Afghan Kusk
  • Indoor Yield (g): 700 gr/m²
  • Flowering Time (days): 55-60
  • 100% Indica Pure Domination
Barneys Farm Bad Azz Kush Female 5 Ganja Seeds
  • Original OG x Urkel x Afghan Kusk
  • Indoor Yield (g): 700 gr/m²
  • Flowering Time (days): 55-60
  • 100% Indica Pure Domination
Barneys Farm Peyote Cookies Fem 10 Weed Seeds
  • Peyote Purple x Cookies Kush
  • Flowering Time days 49-55
  • Height (cm): 90-100cm
  • 95% Indica Dominant
BC Bud Depot Gods Gift Female 6 Cannabis Seeds
  • Grand Daddy Purps x OG Kush
  • 90-120cm in height
  • 8-9 weeks flowering
  • 1st Place Bio Cup, Spain 26% THC
Blim Burn Cafe Racer Female 3 Cannabis Seeds
  • Scout Cookies x Granddaddy Purple
  • CBD: Low THC: Very High 25%
  • 70-75 Days Flowering Time
  • Mostly 70%Sativa 500 g/m²
Blim Burn Critical Daddy Purple Fem 3 Weed Seeds
  • Critical x Granddaddy Purple
  • CBD: Low 0.3% THC: Very High 25%
  • 50 Days Flowering Time
  • Mostly Indica 400-600 g/m²
Blim Burn Grandaddy Purple Fem 3 Weed Seeds
  • Purple Urkle x Big Bud
  • High Medicinal Benefits
  • 60-65 Days Flowering Time
  • Mostly Indica 500 g/m²
Cannabiogen Purple Mexican Fem 5 Weed Seeds
  • Purple HAze x Mexican Sativa
  • CBD: Low THC: High
  • 60-65 Days Flowering Time
  • Mostly Sativa 4500 g/m²
Cream of the Crop Purple Paralysis Fem 10 Seeds
  • Genetics: Lavender X Power Plant
  • 450g/m² indoor & 650g/m² outdoor
  • Flowering time: Approx 65-70 days
  • Mould/Pest resistance: High /THC: 22%
Critical Mass Collective Auto Mendo Mass Fem 5
  • Monster Mass x Mendocino Purps x CMC Big Bud Auto
  • Indoor yield: Approx 550g/m²
  • Seed to flower: Approx 70-80 days
  • Height: Approx 60-120cm
Critical Mass Collective Auto Purple Dawg Fem 5
  • Monster Mass x Lavender x Purple Chemdawg x CMC Big Bud Auto
  • Approx 130-180g/per plant
  • Seed to ?ower: Approx 70-75 days
  • Height: Approx 0.80m-1.2m
Critical Mass Collective Auto Purple Skunk Fem 5
  • Monster Mass x Lavender x Afghani x CMC Big Bud Auto
  • Indica Dominant Flowering Time 50-60 Days
  • Indoors 600 gr/m², Outdoors 100-140 gr/pp
  • Height 60-120cm 18% THC
Critical Mass Collective Purple Dawg Mass Fem 5
  • Monster Mass x Lavender x Purple Chemdawg
  • Approx 130-180g/per plant
  • Seed to ?ower: Approx 70-75 days
  • Height: Approx 0.80m-1.2m
Dinafem Purple Afghani Kush Fem 5 Weed Seeds
  • Purple Kush x Pre 98 Bubba Kush
  • Medium-High THC Content
  • 45-60 Days Flowering Time
  • 100% Stable Feminised Strain
Dinafem Purple Moby Dick Fem 5 Marijuana Seeds
  • Cross Jack Herer x PAK
  • 40% Indica / 60% Sativa
  • Indoor flowering 60-70 days
  • Indoor yield 650 g/m²
Dr Underground American Beauty Female 4 Seeds
  • GENETICS: Plusheberry
  • FLAVOUR: Kush, Pineapple
  • FLOWERING TIME: 8-9 weeks
  • YIELD Indoors: 500-900 gr, Outdoors: up to 1.2 kg
Dr Underground Black Jesus OG Feminised 4 Seeds
  • Tahoe OG x Sensi Star x Peyote Purple
  • Type: mostly indica
  • 60 Days Flowering Time
  • Yield Between 600g and 1kg/m²
Dutch Passion Purple #1 Female 5 Seeds
  • Purple Afghan cross
  • 8 weeks Flowering
  • 80-120cm in height
  • 450+ grams per m²
Emerald Triangle Royal Purple Kush CBD Fem 5
  • Black Afghani x Bubba Kush x CBD Sativa
  • 60% Indica / 40% Sativa
  • Flowering Time 8-9 Weeks Start October
  • Well Balanced, Energetic, Serene

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