Payments will show on your statement as ‘Just Accessories Outlet UK’ for your discretion.


Payment Options available


At we are trying to make it as easy as possible for you to place your order. We have various ways available for you to pay for your order and the easiest option is by credit card. We can only accept payments by credit card for orders under around £100-£200 and all orders are now screened for fraud risk. All your data is kept discretely and not passed to any third party advertising companies. All credit cards are manually processed and we can assure you that data is secured through industrial standard 128bit encryption.


Payment Methods Accepted


·          Credit cards accepted for orders under £200

·          Bank deposit or cash over the counter at any HSBC bank

·          Postal orders or cash in the post (no postal orders please)

·          We offer cash on collection (available only on request)

·          Sorry but we cannot accept PayPal


Paying by bank deposit


Paying by bank deposit is a good option for some as there is no trace to where the order has been made from and you can have the order sent to any address. To do this simply place an order as normal choosing the products you want, delivery method and entering your contact details correctly then clicking the option to pay by bank deposit. Once you have done this you will either need a pen and paper or a printer handy. A screen will come up with your order number, Payment total, account number and sort code. Simply write down your order number and take the amount of cash needed for the order to any Barclays Bank and deposit the funds into our company account provided. You will need to give them your order number to reference your deposit so that we can locate your payment in our account and tie it to your order. We check our bank every day at around 3pm and any orders paid before this time will be dispatched that same day.


Paying by postal order or cash


If you prefer to send us payment through the post then you can do this easily. Simply go through the checkout process as normal and at the last stage of checkout choose to pay by Post. We will then confirm your order number and the amount you need to send us and our address will be displayed of where the payment should be sent. We accept postal orders or cash in the post (NOT CHEQUES) and if you write your order number on a piece of paper this will help us locate your order and get it sent out to you faster. Paying by cash is a good way to order if you want to stay anonymous. You can place the order to any address under any name if you are paying by cash.


Credit Cards and fraudulent Charge backs


We’ve been having issues with some customers charging back money to our account fraudulently stating they did not place orders and were charged in error. We are no longer taking these matters lightly and have instructed a debt collection agency to handling all our financing issues. Anyone who is suspected of conning us out of money will now be visited by our debt collection team and any fees owed will then be payable through court order. Once a customer is located through our debt agency through owing us money they will demand payment within 14 days, after which charges will apply and outstanding money could double or triple in value and in the event of non-payment repossession of assets can be obtained through the courts. If you have an issue with a payment please contact us as we would rather not go into any legal proceedings.

Legal Disclaimer notice

Just to remind you that by trading with us you understand that seeds are sold as souvenirs only and no refunds or returns are accepted for any seed related products. We cannot guarantee germination rates or growth and do not exchange faulty seeds even in the event of someone possessing a licence to cultivate. If you have opted for standard 1st class stamp delivery options then your order is not insured and if the £1.99 option is used and your order gets lost then you will be liable for the charges and no re-send will be given in any case. The safest way to order is using special delivery as Royal mail handles these like diamonds and guarantee next day delivery by 1pm Monday to Friday. Please see our delivery options and terms by (clicking here)

If you require more information regarding Payments then contact us and we will respond within 24 hours. If there is anything you think we have missed or you think should be added to this section, please also let us know at [email protected] and we will be happy to help.