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Ministry of Cannabis

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All the people involved into the Ministry of Cannabis project have a long and deep relationship with Cannabis. Company founders have more than 10 years of experience in this field. Our breeders have cooperated or worked for the most famous seed companies of this industry. Through the years it has been a passion to develop exclusive seeds for a small crowd. Now we have reached the level of excellence that we were looking for, and it's time to offer our seeds to the world!???????

Ministry of cannabis is an Amsterdam cannabis breeder that strive to provide a high level of excellence that only experienced breeders can offer. This Dutch based seed bank is a must for serious collectors!???????

Ministry of cannabis come in a standard collectors souvenir pack with the traditional blister on the front containing the seeds. They currently have a range of approximately 20 Cannabis Stains and the seeds seem to be of a very good standard.???????

Out of the 80+ Seed Banks we stock at Just Feminized and based on the last years sales Ministry of Cannabis Seeds Company ranks 29/80 in popularity. In our opinion Ministry of Cannabis are a good choice of Cannabis Breeders with a good reputation. They provide quality Marijuana genetics with lots of variety and prices are slightly cheaper than others at around £5-7 per Seed.  Because Ministry of Cannabis sell well on our website and we dont get any complaints we rate them 8/10.???????

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