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MedicalSeedS are a seed bank based in Barcelona, ??founded in 2005 by Javier Ruano with the mission of improving previously selected genetics to create seeds of the highest quality.

They work a very controlled production in size to focus efforts on ensuring the best quality of seeds. For this reason they work with all the varieties separately and so can study each one thoroughly and understand their behaviour throughout the cultivation process. In this way they know how varieties react to pests, fertilisation, flowering periods, indoor / outdoor harvest, ability to withstand cold and fungi. With this said, through their meticulous production and the strictest quality control guarantee the quality of their products before launching them to the market.

Medical Seeds Company supply their seeds in a little kind of match box souvenir package. The mid section slides out like a drawer with a small square foam insert housing a nice neat little vial. The display is very professional and the seeds look to be of a high standard.

Out of the 80+ Seed Banks we stock at Just Feminized and based on the last years sales Medical Seeds Company ranks 52/80 in popularity. In our opinion Medical are a good choice of Cannabis Breeders with a good reputation for medicinally focused strains. I think the lack of sales is possibly due to the fact of competition and there are a lot of Medical focused breeders coming into the market now. They provide quality Marijuana genetics with lots of variety and prices vary between £6-10 depending on the option you go for which is medium to high in price. The packaging is very good and in the past they used to sell better so for now we will rate them 7/10 as they are a good choice of Marijuana Breeders.???????

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