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Serious Seeds: Magus Genetics Cannabis Seeds Feminized
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Magus Genetics Have recently moved over to the Serious Seeds Company. This is regarded as the perfect merge between to perfectly matched seed banks, both with superior quality genetics. The six strains Warlock, Double Dutch, Exile, Biddy Early and Biddy’s Sister are now all available in the Serious Seeds Range.
The reason Simon at Serious Seeds decided to take on the range and merge companies is because of the same philosophy the two companies share. They are both small breeders that concentrate on quality not quantity. The seeds each company produce are specifically chosen for the homogeneous traits of potency, high yielding and aromatic characteristics the cannabis plants produce.
The main focus for both breeders is the rules they stick to when considering releasing a new batch of seeds. Each batch is vigorously tested and only released for sale once the conclusion is 100% satisfactory. This rule is especially focused on when they are breeding female, feminized, feminised seeds. Each batch is grown out in batches of 100 plants and the team are so precise with testing that if a single male trait is found the batch will be disregarded and not released for sale.
For most breeders out there pumping out strains every other month its mostly about making money but Serious Seeds and Magnus Genetics only bring new genetics to market when they find something really special and so customers will always know they will find something truly unique with every new strain they introduce.