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Kannabia are a reletively new seedbank out of Spain that are growing in success. They have recently added some really good auto-flowering strains to their inventry.???????

Kannabia Seeds were the first marijuana breeder to create the CD Case souvenir packaging. This is an awesome touch of creativity and offers very good stealth discrete delivery to the customer. The Cannabis Seeds are inside a small plastic bubble which is built into a CD and placed inside the special Kannabia Seeds CD Album Case. The Kannabia Seeds Company has a good range of Strains available with lots to offer.???????

For some reason Kannabia Seeds popularity on our website is slowing down as previously we used to sell them very fast but now they are ranking just 48/80. In our opinion Kannabia are a good choice of Cannabis Breeders with a good reputation as we never had anyone complain about their seeds. They provide quality Marijuana genetics with lots of variety and prices are slightly cheaper than others.  We still think Kannabia is a good company and rate them 8/10 because they have such a cool souvenir package. Hopefully sales will pick up with this seed breeder soon as they are very good in our opinion.???????

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