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What are these grinders used for?

Legally in the UK these grinders are sold to grind kitchen herbs and things like pepper. Illegally they can be used for grinding cannabis leaf matter very proficiently. Of course at Just Feminized we do not promote illegal activity so please remember this when buying any of our products.

How are these grinders made?

Our herb grinders are made from aerospace aluminium which is very durable and does not rust easily. The metal is machined on a CNC metal lathe, which is a machine that turns in circles. With precision tools the metal is basically carved into shape. All the metal shavings that are calved off the solid block are then melted down and re-used to make further batches so nothing is wasted in the process.

Are herb grinders legal in the UK

Herb grinders are 100% legal to buy and sell in the UK without any kind of licence. It is however a very grey area if a company is to knowingly and willingly sell products that are being used for illegal activity. These cannabis grinders can legally be used for crushing marijuana in countries where laws have accepted its use. Unfortunately in the UK grinders cannot be sold for processing marijuana as this would be treading on a very grey area.

How do the 4 part grinders work?

4 part grinders are an interesting choice as they can be used to process herb in the same way as a 2 part but with some added benefits. With a 4 part grinder the material is ground down into a fine dust and when it is at a suitable size the dust will fall into the next level. In this level you will store the ground dust. In the 3rd section there is a very fine mesh that only allows the very finest of material to pass. This section over time will collect very nice and very high grade material that can be used on a special occasion.

2 Part 50mm Aluminium Ganja Leaf Herb or Spice Grinder
  • Made from Aluminium
  • Very High Standard Finish
  • Best value Grinder available
  • Best Price Guaranteed
2 Part 65mm Aluminium Ganja Leaf Herb or Spice Grinder
  • 65mm Aluminium Grinder
  • Awesome Ganja Design
  • Best value Grinder available
  • Best Price Guaranteed
2 Part 90mm Aluminium Ganja Leaf Massive Grinder
  • 90mm Aluminium Grinder
  • Awesome Ganja Design
  • Massive Jumbo Size
  • Picture shows 50p coin scale
4 Part 50mm Aluminium Ganja Leaf Herb or Spice Grinder
  • Grinder with pollen catcher
  • 4 parts from 100% Aluminium
  • Best value 4 part available
  • Best Price Grinder Guarantee
4 Part 65mm Aluminium Ganja Leaf Herb or Spice Grinder
  • 65mm Grinder with pollen catcher
  • 4 parts from 100% Aluminium
  • Best value 4 part available
  • Best Price Grinder Guarantee
4 Part 90mm Massive Aluminium Ganja Leaf Herb Grinder
  • 90mm Grinder with pollen catcher
  • a massive 4 part grinder
  • Best value 4 part available
  • Our largest aluminium crusher
Justfeminized Coloured Magnetic Plastic Grinders
  • Simple Yet Affective
  • Choice of Colours Available
  • Best value Grinder available
  • Best Price Guaranteed

(Major Dutch, Canadian, English and Spanish Seed banks Available)

Cannabis seeds are sold strictly as collectible adult souvenirs or to preserve cannabis genetics for future use if the law changes. can accept no liability for improper or unlawful uses of our products. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee marijuana seed germination rates of any of our products as growing marijuana is illegal in most countries and it is almost impossible to know how the seeds were handled.
Information on our site is for research purposes only and not intended for promoting illegal activity!
Please check your countries local cannabis seed laws before making a purchase. If you live in a country where marijuana seeds are illegal and the Ganja Seeds are taken by customs we will not re send your order!
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