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Grassomatic is a bank of feminized autoflowering seeds that is born in 2007 supplying stabilized hybrids with a 95% germination guarantee. All our seeds are selected by hand to assure 1st quality products.

Since its beginning Grassomatic has grown exponentially being pioneers in the development of feminized autoflowering plants.

The first seed bank in the world to feminize auto-flowering plants, Grass-o-Matic seeds have made a name for themselves in the breeding industry, despite being a relatively small company.

Starting in 2007, Grass-o-Matic seeds focused solely on the production of superior, dependable auto-flowering varieties of cannabis seeds.

Highly praised for their rate of germination, Grass-o-Matic seeds undergo a very rigorous quality control test to ensure maximum freshness and quality for the customer.

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