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Flash Seeds is a seed bank located in Valencia Spain. The breeders there are working hard to create a gene pool of unique and extraordinary cannabis strains. 

The line of super Autos has been created over the last 5 years with team research. Thee genetics combined with the Ruderalis found in Eastern Europe makes unique Flash Automatic Flowering cannabis strains.

Flash Seeds only breed automatic flowering cananbis varieties. They have a simple pack which comes as a business card with a plastic vial stuck on the side which offers good protection for the seeds but no tamper proofing.

Flash Seeds used to be a very popular Seed Bank at Just Feminized but based on the last years sales Flash Seeds Company ranks 65/80 in popularity. In our opinion Flash are a good choice of Cannabis Breeders with a good reputation so we can't understand the fall in sales. They provide quality auto Marijuana genetics with lots of variety but prices are a little high at £7-11 per seed. Flash Seeds used to sell great but maybe due to the price have gone down in sales so the rating we give is 6/10 as there is a lot of choice now for auto flowering cannabis strains.

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