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DNA Genetics

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DNA Genetics comprises of two stoner guys who love cannabis. They started growing in the late 80's in the land of hollyweed; being in California they had lots of tasty and different kinds of herb to smoke and grow! They had also both amassed a great collection of seeds from friends, family, and those rare seeds that they got from bags of herb they scored., In 2002 they decided to get out of the heat and go to a more cannabis friendly place. They, like many others before them, settled in Amsterdam. One of the first thing they noticed was that there was hardly any good herb around. They had assumed that Amsterdam would be heaving with good weed - wrong!, Many Californians will tell you that the best Bud comes from the West Coast. This is why they brought their own strains, along with a lot of other California greats such as Affie and Kush. Since being in Holland they also have been able to obtain some great original strains like Nevils Haze, G13 Haze and Columbian Gold these all make for good breeding stock.

DNA Genetics have won over 150 Harvest awards for their contribution of genetics to the cannabis industry. They have been trading in Amsterdam for many years and they are one of the leaders in really high quality cannabis cup winning strains.???????

DNA Genetics are a multi award winning cannabis seed breeder and every seed undergoes rigorous testing before going out for commercial sale. The Souvenir pack they have gone for offers great preseration for the seeds and is reletively tamper proof meaning you know the seeds inside are genuine DNA Genetics.

In our opinion DNA Genetics are a high premium choice of Cannabis Breeders with a reputation that beats most having won so many harvest awards. They provide some of the best Marijuana genetics with lots of variety. Prices are slightly higher than average and really quite expensive but if you want guaranteed quality then it may be worth parting with your cash at around £8-10 per seed. Because DNA Genetics have such a good reputation and they have paid attention to detail in every way we must award them 10/10. They may not be the cheapest, but sometimes its worth paying a little extra for the peace of mind. ???????

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