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At GreenBox Grow our mission is to help people by providing a means to a constant supply of medical grade cannabis.  We understand that whether you use marijuana for medical or recreational purposes, having easy access to this plant is extremely beneficial!  That is why Marijuana Enthusiasts are using the GreenBox Grown videos to help them easily grow top-shelf cannabis, right at home.

All of our videos and tutorials are focused on Greenhouse Growing, as it is extremely affordable while still providing amazing results.  Growing in a greenhouse is also environmentally friendly as it allows for the use of natural sunlight & fresh air!

Dylan Osborn has been a part of the Medical Marijuana Community since 2010, and started growing shortly after.  It was earlier in that year he had a severe sports-related knee injury, and underwent two surgeries, which left chronic pain and loss of mobility to his right leg.  Being slowed down by this injury was difficult for Dylan, as he is an avid surfer and loves the outdoors.  After trying many solutions for his pain, Dylan tried medical marijuana for the first time in his life.  

Not only did the cannabis take away his pain, but over time it helped Dylan regain the mobility he had lost in his right leg.  That was when he realized how important it is to share the healing powers of cannabis with the world.  Eventually, Dylan decided the best way he could do this is by spreading the knowledge of growing cannabis at home.

Visit The Green Box Green Seeds Website by (clicking Here)

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