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Big Buddha Seeds

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Big Buddha Seeds are a UK based cannabis Seeds Breeder. They are very well established and mainly focus their breeding on strains using the highly popular Cheese Genetics. This UK company is highly successful and have been trading for many years.

What really makes Big Big Buddha Seeds stand out from the crowd is our vast experience when it comes to genetics. We breed, develop & improve our genetics every year to make sure that the your experience when purchasing Big Buddha Seeds products is first rate.

Big Buddha developed the 'Big Buddha Cheese' seed way back in 2002 and is recognised throughout the world as the creator of the Cheese seed. 'Say Cheese' Baby!

Big Buddha Seeds have recently updated their packaging so that you actually get a little mini buddha with your seeds packed inside. This package is vertually indestructible and offers maximum security in seed transportation. The seeds themselves are of a very high standard and quality control is certainly important to the very successful seed breeder

Big Buddha Seeds are one of our best selling cannabis breeders at Just Feminized with them taking 4th out of 80 Breeders. Based on the last 12 months sales we have sold approximately 37 packets of Big Buddha Seeds every month. They sell like hot cakes on our website and we always hold stock of every strain in our fridge. We sometimes even hold upto 20 packs of the more popular strains. Our rating for Big Buddha Seeds is 10/10 as they are faultless in every way.

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