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Auto Double Big Bud Just Feminized Seeds

  • Double Big Bud x Ruderalis
  • 7 Weeks flowering
  • Short, sturdy and compact
  • great yielding plant

Genetics: Skunk x Big Bud x Ruderalis
Seed to Harvest: 9 weeks
Height: 50-70cm
Yield: around 450g per meter
THC Content: around 15%

Our original Double Big Bud has gained so much success that we have now had our green fingered cannabis crew create an auto-flowering version. With the combination of a unique high yielding skunk phenol type crossed with the original Big Bud and some Ruderalis auto genetics, the outcome of this strain is a heavy producing plant that offers a fast turn around and characteristics that will benefit most garden types. The bud formations are very dense and not too tall and respond well to a variety of growing techniques. Topping the plants to create a uniform canopy of even height buds can increase yields, when done in optimal conditions. Because of its compactness, you can fit more buds into a smaller space. A general rule is that 9 plants per meter squared is the optimum amount of cannabis plants for maximum yield but with these you can do rows of 4 plants and get 16 plants in the same space. With an average yield of 1.5 oz per plant when grown correct it is possible to achieve up to 24 oz per light but this would be for the real advanced growers out there.  

Automatic Flowering Cannabis Strain Auto Double Big Bud can finish in as little as 9 weeks from the date your seeds go into the grow room. The buds grow in traditional Indica style with dense buds and compact leaves that catch the light well. This plant does well in most conditions and will withstand a lot of variations in growing conditions. Traditionally Ruderalis marijuana strains come from climates with long harsh winters with no sunlight and summers with no darkness. There evolution is what gives them their robust growing abilities.

Auto Double Big Bud is very resilient to all sorts of problems and is extremely well suited to tight spaces!
All our cannabis seeds are 99.5% female and 99.5% viable!

We do our best to keep our cannabis seeds fresh and handled in the most professional manner at just feminized seeds bank. Every pack of seeds that enters our shop is first dated and then stored in a commercial fridge to preserve the quality.

When dispatching our cannabis seeds we make sure every pack is very well labeled and most of the time placed inside a small plastic vial tube for safe transportation.

We Guarantee same day dispatch if you order before 3pm Monday Friday. If you want  Guaranteed Next Day Delivery it will cost a little extra!

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Excellent service very fast delivery , great products money well spent highly recommended

wayne | Norwich | December 2015

just orded 1 of these today to put in my tent with my ak47 frm here ..what to know how it went email me ill send you pics .... [email protected]

lee | liverpool | March 2014

I seriously doubt the claims above however still excellent seeds. I grew 6 of these plants germinated straight in soil all sprouted above surface within 4 days. The fastest plant was ready in 63 days from seed with a dry weight of 53 grams. Was a very strong smoke and really got me high which surprised me considering some of the things I'd read about autos and I'm no amateur smoker. The next 4 took about 10 weeks from seed but got around 3 ounces of each not as strong but still better than anything you'd get of a dealer were I am. Then number 6 went crazy and seemed to express a strong sativa phenotype from the look of the leaves went for 91 days got 148 gram dry but not that potent. Overall very good seeds for the price and would recommend.

joe | England | March 2014

Have 2 of these on the go at the moment. 1 is very weedy as in skinny and wimpy looking and has grown to 116cm tall. The other one however is around the 80cm mark and is an absolute monster in terms of bud size and quantity easily makes up for the poor showing of the other one.

Trikie | | May 2013

Grew 10 of these bad boys and 1 absolutely blew me and all my friends away I got 7 and a qtr dry of 1 and only 7 weeks of flowering 600 hps the rest averaged 3 to 4 oz excellent autos get on it

Kev | Ayrshire | June 2012