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Ministry of Cannabis Who are they?

Ministry of cannabis is an Amsterdam cannabis breeder that strive to provide a high level of excellence that only experienced breeders can offer. This Dutch based seed bank is a must for serious collectors!

Ministry of Cannabis Strains & Packaging

Ministry of cannabis come in a standard collectors souvenir pack with the traditional blister on the front containing the seeds. They currently have a range of approximately 20 Cannabis Stains and the seeds seem to be of a very good standard.

Ministry of Cannabis Reviewed by us

Out of the 80+ Seed Banks we stock at Just Feminized and based on the last years sales Ministry of Cannabis Seeds Company ranks 29/80 in popularity. In our opinion Ministry of Cannabis are a good choice of Cannabis Breeders with a good reputation. They provide quality Marijuana genetics with lots of variety and prices are slightly cheaper than others at around £5-7 per Seed.  Because Ministry of Cannabis sell well on our website and we don’t get any complaints we rate them 8/10. 

Ministry of Cannabis Product Guarantee

At Just Feminized we can guarantee that your pack of Ministry of Cannabis Seeds is less than 2 years old. We know this because we date every single pack of seeds that arrive into our office. We can also Guarantee that your seeds have been stored in the most professional conditions possible in our fridge. We can also guarantee that every pack of Ministry of Cannabis Cannabis Seeds will come in the original Breeders packaging. The only thing we can't guarantee is the germination or growing of the plants as marijuana seeds are sold as souvenirs in the UK. If you have issues with specific products we would recommend approaching the breeder directly as individual breeders may assist your needs.

Ministry of Cannabis Automatic Flowering Marijuana Seeds online in this section you will only find feminized Autofems (No Light Cycle or timer needed)
Ministry of cannabis Feminized female marijuana seeds - here you will find just the non-Auto Standard Feminized (Needs a 12/12 Hour light cycle for flowering)
Ministry of Cannabis - Auto Blue Amnesia - Feminized 5 pack
  • Free Seeds at Checkout
  • Low Price Guaranteed
  • Stored in commercial fridge
  • Stealth Delivery options
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Ministry of Cannabis - Auto Blueberry Domina - Feminized 5 pack
  • Telephone Customer Service
  • Dated Packets to show age
  • 24hr Delivery Available
  • Double Back Price Guarantee
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Ministry of Cannabis - Auto cream NL (was Auto Cheese NL) - Feminized 5 pack
  • Fast Flowering Auto Strain
  • Medium Height AutoFem
  • High THC for an Auto
  • Seed to Harvest in 65 Days
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Ministry of Cannabis - Auto Silver Bullet - Feminized 5 pack
  • Over 5000 Strains for Sale
  • UK Cannabi Seeds Supplier
  • Worldwide Delivery Options
  • Credit Cards Accepted
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Ministry of Cannabis - Auto White Widow - Feminized 5 pack
  • 60% Sativa 20% Indica 20% Ruderalis
  • 65 Days Flowering Time
  • Medium Cannabis Plant Height
  • Original Breeders Packaging
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Ministry of Cannabis - Autopilot XXL - Feminized 5 pack
  • High Yielding Auto Strain
  • Short to medium Height
  • 65 Days Seed to Harvest
  • 24hr Deliveyr Available
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Ministry of Cannabis - Big Bud XXL - Feminized 5 pack
  • Big Bud x Skunk
  • 7-8 weeks flowering
  • 70-110cm in height
  • up to 650 grams per m2
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Ministry of Cannabis - Carnival - Feminized 5 pack
  • Unknown Haze hybrid
  • 9 weeks flowering
  • 100-140cm in height
  • 400-500 grams per m2
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Ministry of Cannabis - Early XXX - Feminized 5 pack
  • Vigorous Skunk Hybrid
  • 7-8 weeks flowering
  • 80-140cm in height
  • 400+ grams per m2
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Ministry of Cannabis - Hay-Z - Feminized 5 pack
  • 85% Sativa 15% Indica
  • Medium High Yielding Strain
  • 63-70 Days Flowering Time
  • 100% Feminized Female Seeds
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Ministry of Cannabis - Northern Lights MOC - Feminized 5 pack
  • Northern Lights hybrid
  • 8-9 weeks flowering
  • 80-120cm in height
  • 500+ grams per m2
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Ministry of Cannabis - Ultra White Amnesia - Feminized 5 pack
  • Prices at leat 10% Cheaper than RRP
  • Choose Free Seeds at Checkout
  • Discrete Options at Checkout
  • Collect in person if needed
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Ministry of Cannabis - White Widow - Feminized 5 pack
  • Pure Widow genetics
  • 8-10 weeks flowering
  • 70-110 cm in height
  • 450+ grams per m2
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Ministry of Cannabis - Zensation - Feminized 5 pack
  • 75% Indica
  • 8-9 weeks flowering
  • 80-120cm in height
  • 450+ grams per m2
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Cannabis seeds are sold strictly as collectable adult souvenirs or to preserve cannabis genetics for future use if the law changes. can accept no liability for improper or unlawful use's of our products. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee marijuana seed germination rates of any of our products as growing marijuana is illegal in most countries.
Information on our site is for research purposes only and not intended for promoting illegal activity!
Please check your countries local cannabis seed laws before making a purchase if you live in a country where marijuana seeds are illegal.
credit cards accepted securely for headshop cannabis seed purchases
We accept credit card payments up to £200 and process payments though our 128 bit standard encrypted secure server. Credit cards are only held on our system for a limited time to protect your details. For payments above £200 or as an alternative way to pay we accept bank deposits, cash, UK postal orders or cheques.
discrete stealth undercover delivery options secret avoid customs clearance issues
We can send your seeds in a DVD or inside a ball point pen if you require. Just let us know your requirements during checkout with our simple to add stealth delivery options available free of charge.
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Major Seed banks available!
(Dutch, Canadian, English and Spanish Seedbanks Available)


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