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Feminised Seeds Co - Purple Envy - Feminized 5 Seeds
Feminised Seeds co Purple Envy Feminized Ganja Marijuana Strain
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If you take the time to look through our special offers section you will find discounts up to 60% on selected major seed banks cannabis strains. We have many different offers available so look carefully and find a major bargain today.

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We Offer 2 Auto's and 2 Standard Feminized Strains every week so keep checking to see which one is discounted this week!


Suitable for Beginners: Yes
Cannabis Genetics: Multiple Genetically Purple Strains
Geno Type: 50% Indica 50% Sativa
Height: Short
Flowering time: 8-11 weeks
Indoor & Outdoor: Yes
THC Content: 15-20%
Plant Characteristics: Firm, Dense, Heavy for Size
Smoke Characteristics: Potent with an Intriguing Aroma

Not only is the Purple Envy Strain a true beauty, she smells and tastes exactly like she looks - sweet, grapey and smooth as silk, especially when you bong it. Even before the high sets in, you'll enjoy every single thing about this premium weed seed. Yes, she really is that good!

Purple Envy can handle cold nights without a problem, but they won't be needed to turn these rock-hard buds into glitter-coated eye candy! Backed up by DNA from the world's best genetically purple strains like GDP, Urkle & Grape Ape, these THC-fueled beauties always deliver maximum colour, killer bag appeal & a delicious grape aroma that never grows old. Order your Purple Envy Seeds now!

Dreaming of big, dense flowers covered in plump, resin-swollen calyxes dusted with purple glitter? Then snap to it buttercup & order your Purple Envy Feminized Seeds today! The bag appeal alone would make anyone jealous, and that's even before you experience the righteous Indica-dominant buzz that'll hug your body with comfortable relaxation and plaster a happy grin on your face for hours!

The Feminised Seeds Company is a reletively new cannabis breeder. They are relatively small but quote that this enables them to produce quality rather than quantity.

The Feminised Seeds Company has a team of breeders in Spain that work exclusively for their own brand so you will not find these strains anywhere else.

We keep all our Feminised Cannabis Seeds stored in a commercial fridge to preserve quality and germination viability. Every pack is dated as soon as it arrives into our office so we know exactly how old the marijuana seeds are. Once our seeds get over around 18 months old we put them into our bargain section so to replenish them with fresh stock.

Click here to check out our bargain section with old and discontinued products up to 60% Discounted OFF RRP.

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