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Bubble Sac, 5 Sac Bubblebag
Bubble Sac 5 Sac Bubblebag dry ice production online headshop
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Bubblesac is a simple ice extraction system that basically ‘washes’ glands from your Marijuana plants; removing unwanted contaminants and leaving behind mature resin glands. 
The frozen THC falls from the plant where the Bubblesac filter system collects THC glands from your weed and grades it through the various sacs. Even works on spoilt crops; where there’s gland the Bubblesac will catch it.
Please Note: The Bubblesac system also requires items you may own: a large container or bucket and an electric mixer. 
the ultimate in ice extraction
Five simple stages to the ice extraction of the purest Hash known to man!
Insert the various Bubblesac filters into a 20 litre bucket, add ice cold water, ice and herb.
Agitate contents for 15 minutes ideally using an electric mixer.
Repeat until all the crystals have separated.
Remove filters one at a time to ensure all the glands are caught. (After removing the hash sacs run clean water through the sac with the hash in it, this will eliminate any green left in the hash and leave a better flavour.)
Dry the glands then enjoy the purest hash!  
Here’s a couple of tips for turning your pure THC glands into hash: Dry glands will make a far superior smoke, allow at least five days to dry before bonding in to hash. Once dry applying heat and pressure will bond the glands into hash, this can be done by just rolling the glands in your hands. Alternatively, wrap the glands in a cellophane packet and place in the soul of your shoe. Walking around will create enough heat and pressure to bond a solid piece of hash.

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Information on our site is for research purposes only and not intended for promoting illegal activity!
Please check your countries local cannabis seed laws before making a purchase if you live in a country where marijuana seeds are illegal.
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