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Just Feminized Seedbank strains:    

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Kush-O-Matic Automatic Feminized Cannabis Seeds Auto White Russian #2 automatic just feminized cannabis seeds Auto Big Skunk 47 Just Feminized Automatic Cannabis Seeds
Kush-O-Matic £4.75 Auto Russian #2 £4.75 Auto Big Skunk 47 £4.75
original AK 47 Automatic Just Feminized Cannabis Seeds Marijuana auto double big bud just feminized automatic cannabis seeds Auto Low White Widow Just Feminized Automatic Cannabis Seeds
Auto Original 47 £4.75 Auto Double Big Bud £4.75 Auto Low Widow £4.75
auto lemon o matic just feminized automatic cannabis seeds auto short berry skunk just feminized automatic cannabis seeds super dwarf auto flowering female cannabis seeds strain
Lemon-O-Matic £4.75 Short Berry Skunk £4.75 Auto Super Dwarf £4.75
cheap original lowryder #2 automatic feminized cannabis seeds for sale autoflowering northern lights NL auto feminized cannabis seeds Just Feminized White Widow Cannabis Strains for sale online
Auto Original # 2 £4.75 Auto Northern Lights £4.75 White Widow £4.75
high THC Strain G13 Skunk just feminized cannabis seeds ak47, ak48, ak49 original ak feminized cannabis seeds for sale bubblegummy bubblegum bubblicious feminized cannabis seeds
G13 Skunk £4.75 Original 47 £4.75 Bubble Gummy £4.75
just jack feminized cannabis seeds for sale uk fast growing seventh Heaven feminized cannabis Seeds Cheese Seeds, big buddha cheese - Just Cheese feminized cannabis seeds
Just Jack £4.75 Seventh Heaven £4.75 Just Cheese £4.75
Fem seeds, fem cannabis seeds, Northern Lights Seeds NYC Diesel new york city hybrid white widow cannabis seeds high yield cannabis, high yield marijuana - pukka power plant
Northern Lights £4.75 NYC White Widow £4.75 Pukka Power Plant £4.75
Other featured strains from £3.75 each:
Cheap Cannabis Seeds Strain of the Week Discounted £2.75 each Feminised    Auto AutomaticStrain of the week feminized marijuana seeds for sale online cheap
Chem Dog Feminized Cannabis Seeds Marijuana Strain buy now Candy Kush - Trainwreck x OG Kush Cannabis Strain - buy now online Girl Scout Cookie - Durban Poison x OG Kush - Buy online securely now Critical Mass x Jack Herer - Monster Yielding - High Strength Cannabis Seeds - Buy Now
Chem Dog £3.50 Candy Kush £3.50 Girl Scout Cookies £3.50 Critical Jack £3.50
auto chronic automatic cannabis seeds chronix automatic durban poison cannabis seeds for sale Automatic Misty Kali Cannabis Seeds Feminized Automatic Lush Lavender Cannabis Seeds Feminized
Auto Chronix £3.50 Auto Durban Poison £3.50 Auto Misty Kali £3.50 Auto Lush Lavender £3.50
Lemonade £3.50 Canadian Cheese £3.50 NYC Diesel Kush £3.50 White Bubblegum £3.50
auto purple haze feminized cannabis seeds
Auto Cheese £3.50 Auto Critical + £3.50 Auto AK47 Diesel £3.50 Auto Purple  £3.50
Blue Dream £3.50 Sour Jack Herer £3.50 Sweet Tooth £3.50 Caramel £3.50
Auto Blue Dream £3.50 Auto Critical Jack £3.50 Auto Critical Lights £3.50 Auto Haze Widow £3.50
Black Kush £3.50 White Berry £3.50 Lavender £3.50 White Cheese £3.50
Auto Somango £3.50 Auto Sweet Tooth £3.50 Auto Bubblegum £3.50 Auto NL Blue £3.50
Chocolope £3.50 13 Black £3.50 AK Lights £3.50 Black Cheese £3.50
Auto Amnesia £3.50 Auto Jack Herer £3.50 Auto Jack x NL £3.50  Auto NYC Diesel £3.50
White Amnesia £3.50 Cherry Amnesia £3.50 White Critical £3.50 White Tooth £3.50
Early Skunk £3.50 Super Silver Haze £3.50 Skunk #11 £3.50 Bubba Kush £3.50
White Ice £3.50 White Haze £3.50 OG Kush £3.50 Train Wreck £3.50
Skunk, Kush, NL £3.50 Himalayan Widow £3.50 Purple Haze £3.50 Black Diesel £3.50
Russian Widow £3.50 Black Domina £3.50 Chronix £3.50 Critical+ £3.50
Great White Shark £3.50 Mazar £3.50 NYC Diesel £3.50 Sensi Star £3.50
Amnesia £3.50 Kush £3.50 Blueberry £3.50 White Indica #1 £3.50
Skunk #1 £3.50 Power Skunk £3.50 White Skunk £3.50 Pure Big Bud £3.50
Misty Kali £3.50 Moby Dick £3.50 Neville's Haze £3.50 Marley's Collie £3.50
Auto Turbo Diesel £3.50 Auto Skunk #1 £3.50 Auto Super Skunk £3.50 Auto Mazar £3.50
Black Bubblegum £3.50 C99 Cinderella 99 £3.50 Chronic Lights £3.50 Jack Lights £3.50
Auto Blue Mango £3.50 Auto Critical 47 £3.50 Auto Critical Cheese £3.50 Auto Bluetooth £3.50
Auto Big Bud £3.50 Auto Caramel £3.50 Auto Chocolope £3.50 Auto Power Plant £3.50
Grapefruit £3.50 Himalayan Gold £3.50 Amsterdam K2 £3.50 LSD £3.50
Pineapple Chunk Cannabis Seeds are a Cheese x Pineapple Hybrid with a nice twist that people cant get enough of Critical Mass is a big yielding cannabis strain which packs a punch and its discounted at Super Lemon Haze is a very sought after cannabis strain and we have it cheap and very high quality Original Orange Bud at the Old School Cannabis Strain that everyone would have known in the 80's as it completely dominated the marijuana scene
Pineapple Chunk £3.50 Critical Mass £3.50 Super Lemon Haze £3.50 Original Orange £3.50
Law on cannabis seeds in the UK
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Cannabis seeds are not legal to grow in the UK and we sell cannabis seeds strictly as souvenirs. The law permits that cannabis seeds are sold for collectable purposes and that is why each breeder offers different collectable packaging. If we were seen to be selling cannabis seeds for growing in the UK we would end up in court and our business would cease trading. When customers email saying they have grown our cannabis seeds and 3 of them sprouted and 2 did not this is illegal and our obvious answer will be that we cannot help you. We would love to be able to trade more openly and compensate you but we are bound by these terms. Another issue in countries where it is legal is that there is no way of telling exactly how our cannabis seeds have been stored or handled. We store all our cannabis seeds in perfect conditions within a commercial fridge to preserve quality and can't be sure customers handle them in the same manor. Our cannabis seeds are tested on a regular basis every test we have ever had carried out has had a minimum 90% hit rate normally 100% so our seeds are highly rated for germination quality.
What are Feminized Cannabis Seeds?
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Feminized cannabis seeds if produced in the correct manor should represent the peak productivity and performance for producing female cannabis plants. A regular cannabis seed will produce both male and female plants. female plants produce flowers or skunk buds for smoking and males produce pollen which is only good for seed production. The way in which feminized seeds are produced makes them especially good because male genetics should be virtually fully removed. Male marijuana plants produce pollen which is only good for producing seeds when used on a female plant which reduces flower and thc production so generally 99% of people growing seeds would not require male pollen.
Why have my feminized seeds produced male pollen sacks?
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The only time you should get male pollen glands from a female cannabis plant is if that plant is under stressful conditions. As a defence mechanism when a female marijuana plant thinks it is vulnerable to attack or has the possibility of dying it will switch into reproductive mode. The idea is that if the plant is going to die then it will quickly turn hermaphrodite and produce pollen to hopefully pollinate a nearby female. If this is successful the pollinated female will produce seeds and in turn the dying plant will live on through the seeds it has created continuing its natural life cycle.
How do you produce marijuana seeds?
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Marijuana Seeds are produced by mixing male pollen with female flowers/glands. When a female and male marijuana plant are grown together at around 3-5 weeks the male plant will have developed male pre-flowers that will open and release pollen that hopefully will find its way through the air to the nearest female marijuana buds. Once the pollen hits the bud/trichrome glands the female plant will begin to produce marijuana seeds. In some ways it is similar to human genetics in the way that sperm finds an egg and is developed in the whom but different in the sense that a cannabis seed is more like an egg but can be preserved for years and still be grown.
How do you produce feminised seeds and guarantee them?
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Female marijuana seeds are grown in a more precise manor then regular seeds. The very basics of producing female cannabis seeds is that you need to find a good female plant, grow the female plant and take a few cuttings/replicas from the female before it flowers. You then need to stress/force the clones/cuttings to produce male pollen that you will then use to pollinate the original female skunk plant the cuttings came from. Once pollinated the female plant will go on to produce seeds in the normal way but the only difference being that because of the way in which you derived the pollen from the original female itself the seeds should be 100% Female. This is a lot harder to do than you think as there are a number of issues that will affect the results of the seeds produced. Some of the factors that affect the quality of the seeds are as follows. The original female cannabis plant needs to be selected to be the best from a batch of at least 100 female plants grown from quality seeds. Some breeders call this finding the 100% True female plant. The sellection process is determined through stressing techniques and from the 100 seeds a specialist will find the female which responds the least amount when put under stressful conditions. The reason this works is that the least stressed plant will produce the lease amount of hermi traits and so increase the chances of male pollen and traits being present. Secondly the way in which you force the cutting to turn male and produce pollen needs to be accurate and tested as this could result in hermaphrodite traits carried on to your seeds. Other than that it is mostly down to timing and conditions of how the plants and marijuana seeds are nurtured, harvested and grown. Using nutrients can have effects on marijuana seeds and organically grown seeds are said to perform much better. The answer in regards to guarantee a female seed is that it is not really possible to guarantee them because of the original technique used to create them is open to so many flaws. The only way to be sure is to use a good company that tests their strains before they are released for sale but even this is not 100%. The best thing is to use a reputable breeder such as Barneys Farm, Big Buddha and Serious Seeds. The reason serious seeds feminised are in such short supply is because being the best in the business the guy who runs serious seeds is never 100% happy with the outcome of his feminized seeds as there are always very slight hermi traits in his female plants that he cannot remove. The thing with it is that a tiny amount of male pre-flowers on a flowering female is not the end of the world.
Which cannabis seed banks are from the Netherlands, Amsterdam?
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The Dutch were the first original European community to introduce artificial lighting to developing herbal cannabis/skunk. Some of the best breeders come from Amsterdam and this list of seedbanks includes, Bomb Seeds, Barneys Farm, DNA Genetics, Reserva Privada, De Sjamaan Seeds, Delta 9 Labs Seeds, Dutch Passion, Female Seeds, Flying Dutchman, High Quality, Black Label, Homegrown Fantaseeds, Greenhouse, Black Label, KC Brains, Ministry of Cannabis, Mr Nice, Nirvana, Paradise, Rokerij, Royal Queen, Sagarmatha, Sativa Seedbank, Sensi Seeds, Soma Seeds, Serious Seeds, TH Seeds, and White Label Seeds are all marijuana seeds produced in the Netherlands.
Which cannabis seed bank's are based in Canada?
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The Canadians have over the years had a complete turnaround in there marijuana prohibition laws and now have some really good seedbanks breeding cannabis strains. The list of Canadian seed banks includes, Finest Medical Seeds, Next Generation Seeds, Secret Valley Seeds, Spice of Life Seeds, and Taylor'd Genetics. All these breeders are available on our site. There are many Canadian breeders so we may introduce more in the future.
How Many Spanish marijuana Seedbanks are there?
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In recent years Spanish laws have been relaxed somewhat towards the cultivation of skunk plants. It is to our knowledge in Spain you are now allowed to grow up to 5 plants for personal medical use. This is most likely the reason why there are so many new seedbanks coming out of Spain. The Spanish Seed Breeders on our site include, AutoFem, Grass-o-matic, C.B.D Seeds, Seeds of Life, Advanced Seeds, Ace Seeds, Buddha Seeds, Cannabiogen, Delicious, Dinafem, Eva, Kannabia, Mandala, Medical, Positronics, Pyramid, Resin, Samsara, Sweet Seeds and World of seeds all come from Spain. In fact, now days a lot of Dutch breeders are finding it hard to cultivate in Amsterdam due to changing laws and ever increasing exposure to the wrong kind of attention. Some Amsterdam seed banks don't grow seeds in the Netherlands they now grow them in places like Spain and Switzerland.
Which cannabis breeders are based in the United Kingdom?
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It may come as a surprise if you did not already know but there are actually many breeders based in the UK. Either they import cannabis seeds from abroad or they have a team set up in other legal countries breeding with them to produce new genetics. We sell seeds on our site from UK breeders including ourselves obviously but also Pukka Seeds, Doggies Nuts, Cropi Canna, Big Buddha Seeds, G13 Labs, Short Stuff and Seedsman are all UK based companies. The UK actually has quite a lot to offer and all the seedbanks above aside from Pukka Seeds have contributed a great deal to the cannabis culture with Big Buddha Cheese being one of the most successful strains produced in all time.
What other countries breed cannabis seeds?
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We have a few cannabis seed banks from other countries which include, Kiwi Seeds from Newzealand, TGA Seeds from the USA and we have a couple of French cannabis  breeders
Is your site a scam? How can we trust you?
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We are in this business for the long term and as we are fairly new there is not much on the internet about us. What we can say is that we are official re-sellers for the following seed banks and you can find us on their websites by copying these links into your browser.,,,,,,
What will the payment say on my bank statement?
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Due to the complex issue with processing payments and as we understand customers discretion regarding purchasing from us, on your bank statement it will show as payment taken from 'Thingsyouwant'
Do your seeds come in original breeder packaging?
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The only time we will send cannabis seeds in packaging other than the original breeders packs is when you purchase our single cannabis seeds or if you opt for one of our stealth delivery options. Our pick and mix cannabis seeds are picked from opened packs of original breeder seeds so there may be part of the original pack present. What we have started doing is using our own branded aluminium tins to pack single cannabis seeds into. We have many single seed options available and we have feminized cannabis seeds from just £4 each and they are of very high quality as our tests on our own strains come back 99% viable.
If my seeds dont germinate what can i do?
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Unfortunately we cannot offer guarantees on any of our cannabis seeds. Even if the law permitted growing cannabis plants the issue would lie on the fact that we have no way of telling how the seeds have been handled. For countries where growing skunk is legal such as certain parts of America and Spain we would suggest researching seed germination techniques before you start. One of the most effective germination methods our Amsterdam seedbank partners use is to get 1 inch rock wool cubes, soak them in a very week solution for an hour. pop a 1cm deep hole with a match stick in the top and drop the seed inside. dont force it down or close the gap and place the cubes in a slightly warm and completely dark area. After around 2-3 days all the seeds should be fully sprouted and ready for your desired potting method. We would remind you that this is illegal in most countries and we cannot condone illegal activity so we can accept no liability for this type of behaviour and this is why we cannot guarantee germination rates. If you have customer service issues or issues with products in general we sometimes will send a gift to show good customer service but remember worldwide laws vary and it is your responsibility to check local marijuana laws before ordering.
What are vaporizers and why should I buy one?
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Vaporizers are a new technology which have been tested by scientists with results that show hazardous substances and compounds normally associated with smoking drastically reduced or if not completely removed. Vaporizers work by heating up your smoking material and making it produce a vapour which is then inhaled by the user. This vapour if done correctly is free from Nicotine, Tar, carbon monoxide, Acetone and most of the many chemicals found in regular tobacco smoking. If you are a regular smoker who enjoys smoking and has no desire to give up then vaporisers are not for you but for none smokers or those who are medical users the vaporizer can be a very good alternative to conventional smoking as it is the healthy way to get high.
We stock a range of vaporizers including the volcano classic & Digital, Vapir no2, Vapir #1, Eagle Bills Vaporizing pipe, I-Dragon, Alivi8, Vape or Smoke, Iolite, Skyda 5, Skyda 2, I-Vapour, VapBong, Vaporiser 800, Blue Jeanie and the new magic flight lunch box vaporisers. We have portable vaporisers, cheap vaporisers, German Vaporizers, American Vaporiser, China Vaporizers and other quality vapourisers. We offer a standard 30 day return policy on all our vaporizers and some are covered by extended manufacturer’s warranty so check in the product description.
Buy vaporizers from us today online and we will guarantee next day delivery. We stock most vaporisers for sale on our online UK head shop and we try to supply the cheapest vaporizers online. Purchase your vaporiser today for a great deal or email us with any questions or info on vaporizers you may need.

Cannabis seeds are sold strictly as collectable adult souvenirs or to preserve cannabis genetics for future use if the law changes. can accept no liability for improper or unlawful use's of our products. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee marijuana seed germination rates of any of our products as growing marijuana is illegal in most countries.
Information on our site is for research purposes only and not intended for promoting illegal activity!
Please check your countries local cannabis seed laws before making a purchase if you live in a country where marijuana seeds are illegal.
credit cards accepted securely for headshop cannabis seed purchases
We accept credit card payments up to £200 and process payments though our 128 bit standard encrypted secure server. Credit cards are only held on our system for a limited time to protect your details. For payments above £200 or as an alternative way to pay we accept bank deposits, cash, UK postal orders or cheques.
discrete stealth undercover delivery options secret avoid customs clearance issues
We can send your seeds in a DVD or inside a ball point pen if you require. Just let us know your requirements during checkout with our simple to add stealth delivery options available free of charge.
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